Breach in Valorant - Breaking Barriers (2024)

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Breach in Valorant - Breaking Barriers (1)

Welcome back to our Valorant blog series, where we cover a different character each week to make your journey through the game easy and fun. Today’s topic of discussion is the agent Breach, a Swedish character, with the government name 'Erik Torsten'. Of course, these are simply formalities, and the most important aspect of this character is his role: Initiator. This character has been available since the beta phase, and has since become one of the most prominent Initiators in-game. So, let's break down all we know about Breach to ensure your gameplay is nothing short of flawless.

Breach Valorant Abilities

As an Initiator, Breach carries your team to the heart of the battle. Since Breach doesn’t see walls as obstacles, he can deal damage to foes while still using his crowd control kit. Creating advantageous scenarios for your teammates in each situation. His kit allows teammates to ambush enemies without being seen, so it’s essential to learn more about it if you want to master him.

Aftershock (C)

Once activated, it will equip you with a Fusion Charge to set a slow-acting burst. This Fusion Charge can go through a wall if needed. It’s a great ability to deal heavy damage to opponents caught in the AoE. It’s not a single effect because it will deal damage per tick for the duration of the ability; it will inflict 80 damage points per tick every 0.6 seconds and will only last two ticks within 0.6 seconds. The windup time is 2.2 seconds, and it costs 200 credits. You will only have one usage of Aftershock per round.

Flashpoint (Q)

This ability will equip you with a Blinding Charge; once you fire it, it will set a fast-acting burst that you can throw through the walls. It’s similar to Aftershock, but this one won’t do any damage, only blinding the enemies nearby for 2 seconds. You will have two charges to use each round, but you must pay 250 credits.

Signature - Fault Line (E)

The most relevant part of Breach in Valorant is his signature ability which allows you to equip yourself with a Seismic Blast. If you want to use it, you must hold the fire button to increase the distance before releasing it. Once you are happy with the distance and the direction of the Seismic Blast, release to set off the quake. This will apply a Concussing effect to all players in the AoE; not only that, players that are in the line up to the zone created for this ability will receive the effect as well. This is a free ability, and you will have one charge per round, but it recharges over time to reutilize every 35 seconds. The Concuss effect lasts about 3.5 seconds, and it will affect enemies and teammates alike.

Ultimate - Rolling Thunder (X)

Like the other abilities, Breach Valorant Ult will equip a Seismic Charge when activated. Using the fire button will send a cascading quake through all the terrain in a large cone shape. The quake will apply Concusses and knock out anyone caught inside the ability's perimeter. The cost of this ability is nine ultimate points; the effect of Concuss will last six seconds and knock back anyone within the AoE of seven meters.

How to play Breach In Valorant

Playing with a new agent and sometimes a new role can take time to master. However, Breach in Valorant is not a hard-to-master agent; still, you will need to take a little time to practice to understand him and all he can do on the different maps.

Breach is an initiator agent who can use and apply effects and debuffs like Slow, Blind and Concuss during the battle. For example, Aftershock is an excellent tool because when it’s thrown, it will slow down enemies. This ability takes seconds to detonate, making it enough time for any opponent to leave the area of effect before they get splatted. It may sound like a downside at first, however, you don’t need to be close to the location to make it work. As Aftershock can go through walls, even if you are not close to one. Aftershock will cover a long distance when thrown, and it’s possible to find your opponents out of position when using it without being noticed.

Aftershock is a powerful ability since it can one-shot a fully armored enemy in short and long ranges. It also includes the ability to go through thick layers like B Site on the Heaven map. It’s a remarkable ability to force enemies to move and get them out of hiding, but it can also block the path if needed, making them stop pushing. It will also create an opportunity to reposition or rotate while the enemies wait for the ability to finish.

On the other hand, Flashpoint is an ability that will help you in most situations. It has the same range as Aftershock, and they work in perfect synergy while playing as Breach in Valorant. As Flashpoint's main purpose is to blind enemies, and it covers the same distance as Aftershock, it's good to use it before Aftershock. This will lower the percentage of missing or misused Aftershocks while pushing. This way, you will have a higher chance of hitting the enemies and dealing high damage or killing them outright.

This ability doesn’t have a long windup time because it’s less than a second, with the effect lasting up to two seconds. It’s hard to mitigate, and it will confuse the enemy agents. It’s an excellent ability for initiation; you can even tank it and get the Blind effect while pushing the enemies. This allows you to better coordinate with your teammates, creating an aggressive play that makes slaying opponents easier. This can bring a hefty risk of death, but if you pull it off, it offers a great advantage; especially in the early stages of a round.

Fault Line requires more awareness of the minimap since it shows the exact range of this ability. With this preview, you can better position and time to use Fault Line. This ability can increase the range when you hold the fire button, but sometimes, it’s unnecessary. Calculating the distance for Fault Line can take time, but you can save up to a half second by keeping track of how long you need to throw the ability.

Luckily, you can’t be affected by Fault Line; however, Breach can affect his teammates with this ability. It’s the perfect ability for angles since it can travel a decent distance without a problem; even if there is a wall. However, it's important to know this is not a fool proof method, as the thickness of the obstacle may hinder the attack. Another thing you must be aware of is that your movement speed will decrease while you’re charging, so this ability shouldn't be the first option if you're looking to make an aggressive move on your foes. It's best to use this ability with a little more planning, finding the right time to make the move and not charging for too long before firing.

Fault Line will take 1.5 seconds to detonate, even if you take more time to charge. The charging time and the detonation aren’t the same, so be careful. This is not an aggressive ability, but it’s excellent to flush out all your enemies around corners. So you can use it to scare your enemies. If you hit an agent with Fault Line, it’s an additional bonus since the main purpose it’s to bring them out of hiding.

You need to use the minimap for Breach’s Valorant Ult and Rolling Thunder because it will show you where it will hit. This ultimate is a large cone-shaped entity, but it will divide into eight chunks, increasing the area of effect while it gets away from you. This is a great ability for short distances, but it can be far more effective if you take a little more time to calculate where you want the blast to end. Furthermore, enemies that get hit by this ultimate are practically ruined for several seconds; they will get Concussed and Slow, knocking them back and giving them a Stunted effect. It’s almost a free kill for you and your team. Even if you are lucky enough to hit all five enemy agents, you can easily do a 1v5 after using Breach’s ultimate.

Valorant Breach FAQ

If you're still on the fence and unsure is Breach good in Valorant, we have some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this agent to solidify your decision. So, let's take a look:

Is there any Breach nerf in Valorant?

During patch 7.01, Breach received a nerf to his Aftershock ability by decreasing the number of ticks, giving two ticks of damage instead of three. Still, they increased the damage per tick from 60 to 80.

Do Breach's abilities affect his teammates?

Yes, all the abilities of Breach will influence teammates, giving them the debuffs and making them an easy target if they get stuck into any of his abilities. Meaning it is essential to coordinate with your teammates to avoid these situations.

Valorant Breach Summary

Breach in Valorant is a good pick if you want to start your journey within the Initiator role since he can give you several options to bring enemies out of hiding and get the best angles. His abilities to take down walls, coupled with his impressive kit make him an excellent choice for players looking to take on excessive action. If you're looking for information on other agents before you make your choice, check out our blog section to make a more informed decision. Additionally, you can take a look at our Valorant accounts page to get your hands on accounts fully stocked with the best agents, allowing you to be ready for any situation. We'll be back soon with our next blog installment, so watch this space!

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Breach in Valorant - Breaking Barriers (2024)
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