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Table of Contents

  • Bottom Line Up Front
  • Trinkets Tips
  • Selection Criteria
  • Best Darkest Dungeon Trinkets
  • Best Beginner Darkest Dungeon Trinkets
    • 1. Dazzling Charm
    • 2. Snake Oil
    • 3. Speed Stone
    • 4. Warrior’s Cap
    • 5. Blood Charm
    • 6. Book of Constitution
    • 7. Recovery Charm
    • 8. Life Crystal
  • Best Endgame Darkest Dungeon Trinkets
    • 1. Book of Sanity
    • 2. Fortifying Garlic
    • 3. Hero’s Ring
    • 4. Martyr’s Seal
    • 5. Tough Ring
    • 6. Legendary Bracer
    • 7. Ethereal Crucifix
  • FAQs
    • Question: Where to Sell Trinkets in Darkest Dungeon?
    • Question: How Important are Trinkets Darkest Dungeon?
    • Question: What are the Best Trinkets in Darkest Dungeon?
  • The Best Bosses to Use These Trinkets Against

Darkest Dungeon is one of the most brutal turn-based dungeon-crawling RPGs you’ll ever find. This indie gem is a favorite of mine and it is mainly due to the grim and moody atmosphere it has going on.

Take a look at the trinkets, for example, an accessory item that boosts the party members quite well but usually at the cost of something else. If you’ve ever wanted to know Darkest Dungeon best trinkets, you’re in the right place.

The Darkest Dungeon best trinkets are tough to nail down. Some of them are situational and have to do with the locations and bosses you’re facing. But there are a select few that are usually worth equipping on your heroes no matter what is happening.

These are also the ones that have the least problematic cons to them and may not even have any negatives at all. Let’s take a look at the 15 best general trinkets in Darkest Dungeon.

Bottom Line Up Front

The 15 best general trinkets in Darkest Dungeon are notable for a few things. First, they are available to all heroes regardless of class. In addition, they are found randomly throughout the game, and it is, unfortunately, hard to guarantee to obtain any of these on a playthrough.

If I had to pick one trinket out of this list to be the best one, I would go with the Fortifying Garlic. Its lack of penalties is lovely. Better yet, it enhances the player so that they are able better to resist some of the worst afflictions in the game.

Trinkets Tips

Before we dive further into the best trinkets in Darkest Dungeon, I have a few tips for you when it comes to these so that you are better prepared to use them in your dungeon exploration:

  • Heroes can only have up to two trinkets at once. I recommend mixing trinkets together based on this limitation.
  • It might be best to mix two trinkets on a hero that cancels each other out, at least for its negatives. For instance, maybe one charm lowers damage as a negative but the other one buff damage, still letting you gain boosts but not lose much in the process.
  • It is possible to retain a trinket even if a party member dies in a fight. All you need to do is win the battle, and you’ll recover their charms afterward to give to someone else.
  • It is possible to get some lost trinkets back, such as ones that you lose in a fight after someone died and didn’t win it. Once you lose eight trinkets, you can take on the Shrieker’s Perch quest that will give you eight trinkets back.

Selection Criteria

Darkest Dungeon Best Trinkets Guide - RPG Informer (3)

When it came to assembling this list of the 15 best Darkest Dungeon trinkets, I was in for a doozy, without a doubt. I had some strict selection criteria to best help you out that narrowed down this list considerably.

  • Trinket stats: Above all else, the most critical factor is the stats that the trinket bestows. As long as the stat boosts are fantastic and valuable, it had a chance of being on this list.
  • Minimal penalties: The penalties are so common on trinkets that I generally focused on the few that didn’t have any penalties or were so minimal that it didn’t matter much.
  • General trinkets: There are a lot of unique trinkets out there that you can only find one of in the entire game or are only available for certain classes. I ignored those as they aren’t likely for you to find until too far into the game anyways. As such, I focused on the massive category of general trinkets that every hero can equip no matter the class.
  • Rarity: Rarity played a decent role in this list. In general, the rarer a trinket is, the better its stat boosts will be. For the most part, a very rare trinket is going to be better than a common one.
  • Variety: While I did go for the rarer trinkets, I also tried to include some variety. There is a nice mix of all rarities here. This should ensure you have some recommendations no matter how far into the game you are.

Best Darkest Dungeon Trinkets

Let’s dive into the Darkest Dungeon and take a look at the 15 best trinkets that you can find in this highly challenging RPG, divided up across two categories.

There are trinkets for all sorts of players and points in the game, ranging from the beginner trinkets for players just starting out plus rarer ones for those players dealing with the endgame dungeons.

I’ll be sure to break down the rarity, value, stat boosts, penalties, and more of each trinket. Let’s take a look.

Best Beginner Darkest Dungeon Trinkets

This first group of trinkets from Darkest Dungeon are the ones I recommend to plays just starting out venturing into the various dungeons around the world. These eight trinkets are the best ones you’ll find when it comes to the more easily-found items.

These trinkets are generally common and uncommon items, with one exception in a rare trinket, so they are easier to locate than some of the other further on the list. What you should know about items like these is that they are generally going to be not as powerful as some of the other trinkets.

There are some items here that can last you throughout the entirety of the game, but only in certain situations and for specific classes.

Otherwise, the goal here is for these trinkets to get you through at least half of the game until you can reach the better ones that exist in Darkest Dungeon. Let’s take a look at the eight best beginner trinkets.

1. Dazzling Charm

  • Rarity: Common
  • Value: 1125 gold
  • Stat Effects: 10% boost to your chance of applying a stun with certain skills
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A (can be found anywhere)

Darkest Dungeon is a game that emphasizes strategy and planning. One of the earlier common trinkets you could run into is the highly valuable (at least to your party mechanics) Dazzling Charm. It has a single stat boost, which isn’t much, but it at least doesn’t come with the negatives of everything else.

Given how crucial a stun can be since it debilitates the foe for a turn, boosting any chance of applying it is worth it. That is, of course, if you have stun skills for your party members that you like to regularly use. Otherwise, this trinket may not have much use for your team.

2. Snake Oil

Darkest Dungeon Best Trinkets Guide - RPG Informer (4)

  • Rarity: Common
  • Value: 1125 gold
  • Stat Effects: It reduces the stress you get by 10%
  • Best dungeon to farm it: Ruins dungeon

This is by far one of the most highly recommended trinkets early in the game. There are, oddly enough, few trinkets that reduce stress but plenty that add to it. Stress is by far one of the most concerning gameplay elements, especially in the earlier parts of Darkest Dungeon.

Stress is affected by nearly everything, and while there are some ways to use it to your advantage, you generally want to avoid it in the early stages of the game. Snake Oil is a valuable trinket for keeping some of the stress in check for characters, so they don’t end up on Death’s Door.

3. Speed Stone

  • Rarity: Common
  • Value: 1125 gold
  • Stat Effects: Adds one stat point to the hero’s speed stat
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

The Speed Stone is one of the most basic trinkets you can find in Darkest Dungeon. Its stat boost is quite simple, boosting the speed of the equipped hero by a single point. This may not seem like much, but it can mean the difference in the turn order.

As you may know, speed and your exact position each turn is randomly determined. But your boost to speed adds to whatever number from 1-8 you roll each turn in the background of the game.

Every tiny boost can mean the difference, especially in some of the more challenging fights. It’s unfortunate that not too many trinkets boost speed quickly like this.

4. Warrior’s Cap

  • Rarity: Common
  • Value: 1125 gold
  • Stat Effects: Boosts your accuracy for melee skills by 5%
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

Warrior’s Cap is the final ordinary trinket that you should consider adding to your party members. It is situational, but there is something to love about its lack of penalties and single boost.

Accuracy is vital to landing hits, and even a small number, like 5% can mean the difference between a successful swing or a miss.

The one hidden negative here is that this only affects melee skills, not any skill that a hero uses. Because of this, some hero classes won’t benefit from this trinket at all. Characters like the Musketeer and Occultist, who mostly use ranged skills, won’t find any use for this trinket.

5. Blood Charm

  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Value: 1500 gold
  • Stat Effects: Boosts your resistance to bleed by 30%
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

Protection is so important in a challenging game like Darkest Dungeon, where the various status ailments can quickly mean a hero ends up on Death’s Door. Bleeding is one of the most valuable ailments for dominating a fight, and the same can be said when an enemy uses it against you.

One way to minimize the possibility of bleed being used on your party members is to equip them with the Blood Charm, which gives a massive boost against resisting bleeding. This is a powerful ability that is useful for heroes that aren’t classes like Abomination and Leper, who can automatically gain that sort of resistance.

6. Book of Constitution

Darkest Dungeon Best Trinkets Guide - RPG Informer (5)

  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Value: 1500 gold
  • Stat Effects: 30% boost to resisting blight and disease status ailments, but at the cost of one speed point
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

This is the first trinket you’ll find on this list that includes a penalty, but I find that it is worth it, especially for an uncommon rarity item. This is one of the best trinkets for building resistance to some of the most devastating ailments in the form of disease and blight.

The resistance to not one but both of these is so crucial to surviving dangerous encounters and bosses. Of course, this comes at the cost of some speed, which can be problematic if you don’t get the luck of the draw some turns. But this is at least a minimal penalty and a relatively common one for trinkets.

7. Recovery Charm

  • Rarity: Rare
  • Value: 2250 gold
  • Stat Effects: Boosts the healing received by 40%
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

When it comes to healing in Darkest Dungeon, there are a couple of routes you can go. On the one hand, you could boost the overall healing of the healer in the group. Alternatively, you could use something like the Recovery Charm to increase everyone’s health points received via healing.

While the former situation is more efficient, the problem is that few trinkets outside of the Chirurgeon’s Charm (a nice honorable mention) do this.

On the other hand, the Recovery Charm is much more powerful, which is why I included it. 15% versus 40%, and there is no contest. You are getting nearly half as many health points more than you usually would.

This is a must-equip trinket on nearly every party member in your group if you want to make the most out of every healing skill that you use in combat.

8. Life Crystal

  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Value: 1500 gold
  • Stat Effect: Increases your max health points by 20% at the cost of one less speed point
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

The Life Crystal is one of the best ways to increase a character’s health points by a significant amount. 20% might not sound impressive, but even this boost alone could mean the difference between surviving a powerful attack.

Though there is a penalty involved with this trinket, it is the typical loss of speed. Overall, I would undoubtedly say that the guaranteed ability to survive hits matters much more than the randomized nature of the turn order in fights. After all, you can only put off getting hit by an enemy for so long with a high speed.

Best Endgame Darkest Dungeon Trinkets

These next seven trinkets are the best ones you’ll find in Darkest Dungeon that will get you through the entirety of the game until the endgame. If you want trinkets that will be the best possible ones for certain classes and dungeons, these are the ones to go with.

They are the most powerful items around, with the best traits and effects that generally don’t have too harsh of negatives at the same time. As such, these are very rare trinkets that you are unlikely to find earlier in the game.

They are quite difficult to unlock but these trinkets are well worth getting since they can make the game much easier and some dungeons a lot less stressful to go through, literally. From reducing the effects of stress to resisting some of the worst status ailments, here are the best endgame Darkest Dungeon trinkets.

1. Book of Sanity

Darkest Dungeon Best Trinkets Guide - RPG Informer (6)

  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Value: 3750 gold
  • Stat Effects: Reduces the stress that you take by 20%
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

Book of Sanity is, by and large, the amped-up form of the Snake Oil trinket. While it is hard to find, it should be your goal to find this trinket as soon as you can if you wish to replace the Snake Oil one. It doubles the power of that ordinary trinket, reducing stress point damage by 20% in nearly all situations.

That amount is immense. It can mean the difference between passing over the threshold of 100 stress or even reaching the deadly 200 points and surviving to tell the tale. There is also no penalty here, despite the robust nature of this trinket, so there is legitimately no reason not to use this.

2. Fortifying Garlic

  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Value: 3750 gold
  • Stat Effects: Gives a 33% boost to resisting bleed, blight, and disease status ailments
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

Fortifying Garlic is easily the best trinket in Darkest Dungeon, and the game knows it. It gives an unbelievable resistance boost to a whopping three status ailments in the game. The one drawback is that you can only have a single one of these trinkets in your inventory, meaning that only one party member will be able to benefit from it.

Bleeding, blights, and diseases are the three worst status ailments in the game. And the Fortifying Garlic trinket gives an impressive 33% boost to resistance against all three of them. If you want a trinket that can heavily nullify the chances of certain bosses and dungeons from devastating a party member, this is the one to get.

I suggest giving your single Fortifying Garlic allotment to your most vital party member, such as your healer. That is, of course, if you are able to find this highly rare trinket.

3. Hero’s Ring

  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Value: 3750 gold
  • Stat Effects: Gives a 25% boost to the chances of gaining Virtue
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

The Hero’s Ring is one of the most popular trinkets for creating a Virtue character in Darkest Dungeon. As you likely know, Virtue is a state that a player can enter once they reach 100 stress in the game.

While most of the time, a character will get stressed and experience drawbacks, there is a chance that a hero will become virtuous.

If this happens, they have unbelievable stat boosts, the ability to heal everyone randomly and see their stress go down. Virtue is essentially the ultimate state for a hero and one that many players build their party out to reach. The Hero’s Ring is a requirement for that, boosting the chance of getting Virtue by 25%.

Couple this with other items, and you could have up to a 75% chance of gaining Virtue, which means it will happen more often than not. Of course, that is assuming you don’t get any Virtue penalties from being too low of a level for a dungeon.

4. Martyr’s Seal

  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Value: 3750 gold
  • Stat Effects: This trinket increases your max HP by 15%, gives a small 12% resistance to a death blow, boosts your critical hit chance by 14% when at Death’s Door, and increases your damage by 60% when at Death’s Door.
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

Martyr’s Seal is all at once one of the most potent trinkets in the entire game and also one of the most situational. You get a whopping four boosts for this trinket alone, which isn’t wholly unusual on its own. However, all of the other trinkets with this many buffs usually have at least one or even more downsides to them.

That isn’t the case with Martyr’s Seal. The general boost to your health and the resistance to death blows are both nice and useful most of the time. However, the other two benefits are only available when at Death’s Door. This is where the trinket gets a little odd.

In general, you should do whatever you can to avoid your party members being on Death’s Door, but it is almost inevitable for some heroes eventually.

In this case, if you have a weaker hero that is prone to death, this can at least ensure that they decimate foes to survive or go out with a sacrificial bang that takes some enemies with them.

While Martyr’s Seal isn’t for everyone, if paired well with other equipment, it can be pretty helpful for last-resort situations.

5. Tough Ring

Darkest Dungeon Best Trinkets Guide - RPG Informer (7)

  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Value: 3750 gold
  • Stat Effects: Buffs the character’s max HP by 15% and protect stat by 10% while reducing their damage by 15% and increasing their overall stress points by 10%
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

Tough Ring is a risk-and-reward type of trinket. On the one hand, it is highly powerful in its boost to health points and defensive stats. On the other hand, you’re dealing with tough penalties regarding stress and your damage.

I like to think of the Tough Ring as the essential trinket for tank-style characters. If you want a tank on your team, Tough Ring is the one to go with. Pair it with the Recovery Charm or Fortifying Garlic, and you have the quintessential defender for your team.

They won’t be able to deal much damage, but they can take a hit for the team and recover well. The Tough Ring is a strong enough trinket that if you get one, you should at least consider turning someone into a tank for your party.

6. Legendary Bracer

  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Value: 3750 gold
  • Stat Effects: Buffs the character’s overall damage by 20% while reducing their speed by one and increasing stress by 10%
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

The Legendary Bracer is basically the DPS equivalent of the Tough Ring. You get two penalties to speed and stress in exchange for an immense boost to your overall damage by 20%. This is a trinket you want to consider if you have a powerful hero that already deals plenty of damage.

You can then pair that with this to turn the hero into an overwhelming powerhouse. If you do this, though, I highly suggest having at least one stress healer on your team and another player that is faster than this one.

You could have a tank with Tough Ring and a DPS character with Legendary Bracer, but that is pushing it unless you do the best you can to minimize the stress problems.

7. Ethereal Crucifix

  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Value: 3750 gold
  • Stat Effects: Increases damage by 25% against Eldritch enemies and gives a 30% boost to resisting bleed but at the cost of 20% max HP
  • Best dungeon to farm it: N/A

Ethereal Crucifix is one of the most complicated trinkets. Let’s start with the obvious parts: it is amazing for fighting Eldritch enemies with its huge boost, and the massive resistance against bleed is always welcome. But you have one of the worst penalties ever in the loss of your max HP.

You are essentially turning someone into a glass cannon DPS hero with this. I don’t think this is the worst idea in the world, but you have to carefully plan to counter this with a strong healer, trinket like Recovery Charm, and other valuable equipment.

In all honesty, I think the Ethereal Crucifix is a nice addition to your team, but you should only switch it in when you know you’re going up against Eldritch enemies. Otherwise, put it away.


Question: Where to Sell Trinkets in Darkest Dungeon?

Answer: You can sell your trinkets anytime you’re in town in Darkest Dungeon. You can sell them at the wagon, but you can also just open up your inventory and have the option to sell them there.

Question: How Important are Trinkets Darkest Dungeon?

Answer: Trinkets are unbelievably crucial in Darkest Dungeon. If you don’t have any, start farming for some, as they can make the difference between life and death.

Question: What are the Best Trinkets in Darkest Dungeon?

Answer: The best overall general trinkets in Darkest Dungeon are the Recovery Charm, Fortifying Garlic, Tough Ring, and Hero’s Ring.

The Best Bosses to Use These Trinkets Against

All of these trinkets, such as the fantastic Fortifying Garlic, can help you in exploring all of the dungeons in Darkest Dungeon. More importantly, though, be sure to find out how these can help you in taking out all of the bosses in Darkest Dungeon.

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